LThis blog is a marriage of many things… Food and photography, creativity and hunger, friendship and love… and always guided by the desire to share home-cooked Japanese recipes with the world!

Our initial recipes were created by Kaz, based on the Japanese dishes he grew up eating. Then Paula started cooking, mainly using Noriko’s recipes (thank you Noriko!). Now in Canada, Kaz and Paula continue to cook Japanese food almost daily, and aspire to share recipes more regularly πŸ˜›

Kaz was born and raised in Japan. Although not a chef by profession, his passion for making delicious food runs in the family: his grandmother, father and uncle have all owned restaurants.

Paula comes from Canada, but fell in love with washoku (Japanese cuisine) when she moved to Tokyo. Trying to keep up with Kaz, she started taking cooking lessons from her friend Noriko, who taught her the culture of home-cooked washoku.

Noriko has inherited generations of washoku know-how by learning to cook with her mother, and has years of experience cooking for her family. She transmitted her love of well-prepared, seasonal, healthy and delicious washoku to Paula while having fun in the kitchen together.

We hope this recipe collection will inspire you to try making healthy and delicious washoku for yourself, and your friends and family too. It may take a bit of effort at first to find the right ingredients in your area, or to make your own adaptations, but your tongue and tummy (and guests) will thank you for it!

Happy cooking, and enjoy!

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