Green Pepper and Chirimenjako Stir Fry

Green peppers and chirimenjako

Full of calcium, this recipe is great as a quick, easy and healthy side dish.

  2  people
Ready In min (Prep   + Cook 

Chirimenjako is the Kansai region name for small dried whitebait fish, often from Japanese anchovy, herring or sardine. If it is boiled instead of dried, it is called shirasu. Now before trying it, I wasn’t a big fan of little dried fish, but this dish packs a nutritious punch along with its crunch, and works great as a yummy side. If you’re low on calcium, give it a try – you might find yourself addicted to this tasty snack!

Outside of Japan, you can look for chirimenjako in Asian grocery stores, or if all else fails, try replacing it with small dried sardines, or drained canned tuna.

The other main ingredient in this dish is piman, or Japanese green bell pepper, which got its name from the French word for hot pepper, piment. This one isn’t hot though – it tastes the same as a typical green bell pepper, but is smaller, so adjust the quantity depending on the type you’re using.

Piman . . . 4-5 (or 2-3 larger bell peppers)
Chirimenjako or other small dried fish . . . 2 tablespoons (or 1 small can of tuna in water, drained)
Soy sauce . . . 2 teaspoons
Sake . . . 1 tablespoon
Mirin . . . 1 teaspoon

Mix the seasoning ingredients.
Slice the piman or peppers lengthwise, removing the seeds.

Step 1

Heat a pan to medium-high, add the chirimenjako and stir fry without oil until they begin to brown.

Step 2

Add the piman, reduce the heat to medium and continue to stir fry until they start to soften.

Step 3

Add the seasoning ingredients and continue to stir fry until almost all the liquid has evaporated. Dish out and enjoy!