Lightly Pickled Turnip

Easy pickled turnip

This is a really quick and easy side dish to prepare and leave to pickle while making something else. You’ll never know the true nature of turnip until you draw out its natural flavour by pickling it with salt!

  2  people
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The turnip is quite a versatile vegetable. If cooked it will become soft to the point of crumbling in your mouth, and eaten raw or half-cooked it has a satisfyingly crunchy texture. It can be boiled, steamed, fried or baked, and as demonstrated in this recipe, it’s yummy pickled as well!

Another famous pickled turnip dish is kabura no senmaidzuke, or “a thousand piece pickled turnip”. The turnip is cut so thin that there appear to be a thousand paper-thin slices. Feel free to give it a try, but watch your fingers!

Turnip . . . 1 large OR 2 small
Yuzu or lemon zest . . . 3 cm strip
Kombu . . . a square approximately 3 x 3cm (dry or used once to make dashi)

Salt . . . 1/4 teaspoon

If using a piece of kombu that’s already been used once to make dashi, proceed to the rest of the recipe.
If using a dry piece of kombu, first wipe off the powder, then place in a pot of water and heat until just before it boils – don’t let it boil or it will become slimy! You can use this water for dashi if you’d like.

Step 1

Thinly slice the kombu. Cut the stem and leaves off the turnip and chop them into 1cm pieces. Cut the turnip in half lengthwise and thinly slice. Peel a 3cm strip of zest off a yuzu (or lemon) and julienne it.

Step 2

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl or pickle press and mix well. If using a pickle press, put on the weighted or spring-loaded lid; if you don’t have one, just fill another bowl with water or any somewhat heavy object to weigh down the ingredients in the lower bowl.

Step 3

Set aside for an hour or more. It can be made in advance, or while preparing other dishes. And it keeps well, so why not make a little extra for tomorrow!