Nori-Wrapped Scallops

Nori-wrapped scallops

This is an easy hors-d’oeuvre to prepare for a party or a quick weeknight side dish. Plump scallops are marinated in a savoury soy-based sauce, then cooked and wrapped in nori. Yum!

  2  people
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This dish is called hotate no isobeyaki in Japanese. Hotate is the word for scallops, and isobeyaki is a cooking method usually reserved for mochi (chewy rice cake). The rice cakes are cooked, then wrapped with nori seaweed and quickly devoured.

This Japanese recipe uses scallops instead of rice cake for a quick and easy tapas (otsumami) that is beloved by children and adults alike!

Scallops . . . 4 (about 100 grams)
Nori seaweed . . . 4 pieces, cut into approximately 3cm x 5cm
Vegetable oil
Shichimi tougarashi or chili pepper flakes . . . to taste
Soy sauce . . . 30 mL
Sake . . . 2/3 tablespoon
Put the scallops in a small bowl and marinate in the soy sauce and sake for about 5 minutes.

Step 1

Heat a frying pan to medium and add vegetable oil. Add the scallops and fry both sides. If using fresh scallops, searing them for just a couple of minutes per side will be enough. If they are less fresh or were bought frozen, make sure they are cooked through.

Step 2

When they are browned, sprinkle with a little shichimi tougarashi or chili pepper flakes to taste.

Step 3

Serve the scallops and nori rectangles on separate plates and assemble right before eating: place a scallop on one end of a nori rectangle and fold the other end over it to make a sandwich. Pop into your mouth and enjoy!