Ninjin No Shirishiri

This simple, healthy side dish features crunchy carrots with yummy tuna and egg for extra protein. Katsuobushi deepens the flavour by adding umami. Great for a quick weekday side dish, and make some extra for your bento!

  4  people
Ready In min (Prep   + Cook 

In Japanese, this dish is called ninjin no shirishiri, or shredded carrot. Shirishiri is an onomatopoeic word indicating the noise of a carrot being sliced into strips with a grater. This Japanese recipe is from Okinawa, where it’s so popular that you can find a special grater called a ninjin shirishiri ki made just for this dish!

You can use a large-holed grater or even a peeler, but if you like your carrots nice and crunchy, you’ll want to julienne them.

Carrot . . . 200 grams (one large carrot)
Tuna . . . 1 can
Egg . . . 1
Soy sauce . . . 1 tablespoon
Katsuobushi . . . 2 tablespoons
Peel and julienne the carrots into 5cm lengths.
Drain the tuna.
Lightly beat the egg in a bowl.

Step 1

Heat a pan to medium and add vegetable oil. Add the carrots and stir fry for a few minutes.

Step 2

Add the tuna and continue to stir fry. Add the soy sauce and beaten egg, stirring continuously.

Step 3

Add the katsuobushi and turn off the heat. Stir to mix in the fish flakes, then serve.
Can also be served chilled or at room temperature.